Nestle Dairy Box Classic Collection

Nestle Diary Box Classic Collection 162g

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Contains 16 delicious milk chocolates in a variety of truffles and pralines.

Dairy Box contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Dairy Box offers a delicious selection of milk chocolates. Select from 16 delicious milk chocolates in a variety of truffles and pralines: Vanilla Cup, NEW Salted Toffee, RE-CREATED Chocolate Velvet, Hazel Smooth, RE-CREATED Cookies & Crème, Caramel Heart, NEW Strawberry Kiss, RE-CREATED Orange Surprise

Vanilla Cup- Soft vanilla with a fine crunch and a dark chocolate drop
NEW Salted Toffee - Indulgent salted toffee in a crisp milk chocolate shell
Hazel Smooth- Simply delicious hazelnut flavour praline
RE-CREATED Cookies & Crème- A delightful cookie crumb centre, wrapped in milk chocolate
Caramel Heart- Delicious caramel flavour centre encase in smooth milk chocolate
RE-CREATED Chocolate Velvet- Luxurious velvety truffle with a drizzle of pure white chocolate top
Orange Surprise- Delicate orange flavoured truffle blended with crispy pieces
NEW Strawberry Surprise- Juicy strawberry flavour creme in a milk chocolate shell

Perfect to enjoy with friends and family or perfect as a gift!