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Highland Titles Plots of Land

The souvenir plots of land offered by Highland Titles are offered as a way for people around the world to feel an attachment to Scotland and become closer to it. As the plots remain registered to Highland Titles, you are not officially a landowner but will receive a gift pack. 

Highland Titles offers this service as a fun, novelty way for people the world over to feel a bit more in touch with their Scottish roots. Additionally each purchase of a souvenir plot aids in the conservation efforts of the company to restore areas in Glencoe Wood and Lochaber to their once lush existence. Ridding the areas of non-native species and re-planting and rewilding the areas with vegetation and animal species that once called these locations home.  

While Highland Titles sell souvenir plots of land and allows purchasers to style themselves as Lairds, Lords and Ladies in the eyes of the Highland Titles community, under Scottish Law, they are not legally viewed as such.

Ownership of a souvenir plot is not viewed as sufficient reason to obtain Scottish Heraldry by the Court of Lord Lyon, the legal ruling of Heraldry and titles in Scotland, but the Court of Lord Lyon has no jurisdiction or relevance to the use of Laird, Lord and Lady titles.

The titles “Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber” are trademarked titles under Highland Titles which allow us to use them within our community of followers around the world.