Keith Jack Braveheart Hinged Bracelet

Braveheart Hinged Bracelet

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Warriors are forged in the fires of challenge and tempered in the cool waters of experience. Meet your trials with a brave heart and let the strength of the warrior guide you.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Brave Heart is the title bestowed upon William Wallace, a Scottish warrior born in 1270 who defended his homeland against the English in the First War of Scottish Independence.

Wallace led his outnumbered troops bravely against King Edward and outwitted his foes with cunning and might, such as at the battle of Stirling Bridge. Sir Wallace led the English troops towards the bridge, which collapsed because of the soldiers’ weight and led to their defeat.

After the victory at Stirling Bridge, Wallace retreated to Falkirk, where he led 4 squads against the English again, who this time returned with 25-thousand soldiers, longbowmen, and cavalry.

Wallace was defeated, but that didn’t mean he gave up on the war. He sought aid from the French as a diplomat while King Edward had issued a hunt for his head.

Unfortunately, the hero was turned over by a Scottish knight and Wallace was brutally executed in London in 1305 as a symbol of what happens to whoever challenges the King.

Although met with a terrible end, the Brave Heart legend lives on. This bracelet is a reminder of his bravery and a perfect gift to anyone with Scottish roots.

Style: PBS8920
By Keith Jack