Tara's Diary Bracelet 7 inches

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This subtle 7 inch bracelet from our Tara Diary's collection boasts a gorgeous sterling silver encasement. With the perfect length, the bracelet will sit comfortably on the wrist. With perfectly designed, matching clasps on each end, the bracelet offers the ease of wear to an individual. The claps pull each end smoothly together, without the hassle of stubborn hooks or hoops.

Handmade Perfection

The jewellers at Tara's Diary commit serious time, attention and effort into every piece they offer. This simple, yet refined silver bracelet was made especially with the customer in mind. The perfectly designed clasps and welded silver combine in the culmination of dedication to Celtic jewellery and culture.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight: 12.2 grams

Length: 7 inches

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