Shanore Silver Celtic Knot Earrings

Shanore Silver Celtic Knot Earrings

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METAL: Sterling Silver

WEIGHT: 3.2 grams

WIDTH: 13mm

HEIGHT: 21mm


Somewhat mythical and entirely unique, these earrings play with variations on two well-known Celtic symbols: spirals and knots. Sterling silver serves as the foundation over which knots in 14 karat gold plating twist and cross in fluid lines. Two single spirals adorn the highest points of the earrings, giving them a whimsical appeal. 

The History of Knots and Spirals

The infinite nature of the Celtic knot leads most people to ponder the endlessly cycling and timeless essence of our human spirit. Some might even wear these knots, so emblematic of strong, eternal life, to fend off illness or threatening incidents. Various types of Celtic knots include the Triquetra, the Quaternary, and the Dara. Spirals have also played an influential role in Celtic symbology. Single spirals often suggest energy radiating from a central core, and in the process, an expansion of awareness and understanding of the universe. This expansion can enhance the balance between an individual?s inner and outer existence.