Schwartz Slow Cookers Beef & Ale Stew Mix

Schwartz Slow Cookers Beef & Ale Stew Mix

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A savoury recipe mix with parsley and paprika for a rich and comforting slow-cooked beef and ale stew.

For this recipe you will need 

1 sachet Schwartz Slow Cookers Beef & Ale Stew Recipe Mix
1 onion, diced
175g (6oz) Chantenay carrots
450g (1lb) lean beef, diced 
250ml brown ale
50ml (2fl oz) water
2 tbs tomato purée


1. Place onion, carrots and beef into your slow cooker pot.

2. Mix sachet contents with brown ale, water and tomato purée, and add to slow cooker pot.  Stir through.   

3. Cover and cook for up to 4 hours on HIGH or up to 8 hours on LOW, or until meat is tender and cooked through.  (Keep covered during cooking.  Cooking times vary between slow cooker models.)

4. Remove lid, stir through and stand for 5 minutes before serving.  

Hints & Tips

For a delicious serving idea, cut and bake ready made puff pastry squares and place on top of individual servings of the stew.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.