Tara's Diary Heart Trinity Bead

Heart Trinity Bead Encrusted With White Swarovski Crystals

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An exceptional sterling silver Tara’s Diary bead encrusted with white Swarovski crystals. Features beautiful heart details and charming Trinity Knots.

This bead inspires the true of heart. Follow your true and most pure path with the influence of hearts and trinity knots. The Trinity Knot is a traditional Celtic insignia that suggests three interconnecting ideas brought together through the design of a singular unbroken line. These three points can represent the earthly worlds of land sea and sky. It is also used to represent the Christian Holy Trinity. The hearts inspire a romantic energy while the crystals suggest strength and purity. The images combined create a true showcase piece.

Add this Trinity Knot bead with heart details and Swarovski crystals embellishment to your Tara’s Diary collection for a stunning and stylish look. Get one bead for yourself and one for a friend who shares your passionate journey.

Material: Sterling Silver

Made in Ireland