Tara's Diary Claddagh Bead

Claddagh Bead Embellished With Swarovski Crystals

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The Claddagh is a centuries old Celtic emblem that embodies the promises made to another in true love and the key factors that help love last. The hands of the symbol indicate that friendship will always be the foundation of a relationship. The heart and crown are two other necessary factors in maintaining an honest and open relationship. The heart represents love while the crown stands for loyalty. Both those in love and those seeking true love have worn the Claddagh symbol close to their heart for centuries. It is said that wearing the heart pointing inward towards the body signifies the person is taken while wearing it the opposite way shows they are waiting for their perfect match.


The Claddagh bead with its white crystals from Swarovski is a part of the exceptional Tara’s Diary collection. Its sweet design will match effortlessly with other beads from the collection as part of a charm bracelet whether on a coordinating sterling silver or colorful leather band.

Material: Sterling Silver

Made in Ireland