Origin Celtic Dangle Gold Plated Bead Encrusted with Swarovski Crystal

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This artistically unique Sterling Silver with Gold plate bead adds a bit of charm and Irish History to your Origin by Tara's Diary Collection.  Featuring intricate sculptured swirls and spirals reminiscent of historic megalithic artwork found at Newgrange.

Newgrange is a monument older than Stonehenge found in County Meath, Ireland.  This great Irish prehistoric site is shrouded in mystery as far as origins and purpose, but holds great interest in the month of December.  During the Winter Solstice the pathways and chambers of Newgrange are fully illuminated at sunrise in a most stunning light.  Along the entranceway of Newgrange are large kerbstones with megalithic carvings.  The designs on this unique Sterling Sliver bead from Origin and Tara's Diary revisit the images found on these fascinating stone art pieces.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight:  3.2 grams

Width:  15 mm

Main Stone:  Swarovski White Crystal

Main Stone Dimension:  1 mm

Main Stone Shape: Round

Fits on Origin leather bracelet:  Yes

Fits on Tara's Diary silver bracelet:  No

Fits on a necklace up to 7 mm

Fitment hole diameter 7 mm - 7.5 mm

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