Celtic Blessings 2018

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Inspired by The Book of Kells and Celtic themes, Michael Green's Celtic Blessings wall calendar is a magnificent marriage of the ancient and the modern and of early Christianity, Paganism, and the New Age. Green artfully fuses these visual genres into a stunning modern look that is firmly rooted in the past.

12" x 12" wall calendar (12" x 24" open).

A year of stunning Celtic illuminations on your wall.

The perfect gift for the Celtic art enthusiast.

Each month pairs Green's art with thought-provoking text steeped in Celtic philosophy and traditions.

Frameable artbook-quality printing.

Printed on paper sourced from a combination of sustainably managed forests and recycled materials.

This calendar features US and Canadian legal holidays, phases of the moon, and important observances of the world's major religions.

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