Silver Shamrock Green Murano Glass Bead

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  • Product Code: TD58
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Every material has its own unique charm, but for sheer beauty and luminescence, Murano glass can not be beaten. The Tara Diary's collection clearly showcases this beauty with this gorgeous bead. The rich greens and subtle browns of the background are reminiscent of the earthy meadows of Ireland where the vibrant shamrock can be found. The shamrock itself takes a life of its own as it seems to leap directly from the bead. The bead is bookended on either end by a silver ring bearing the Tara Diary name.

A Merger of Cultures

Murano glass works originated in Italy, on the small island of Murano. Some of the most beautiful glass work has come from the island, such as this bead. The color work is very difficult to produce in detail- great care has to be taken with each bead. The shamrock comes from an island as well- the island of Ireland where it is the national symbol.

A Glorious Combination

The unique material of this bead is seen in the rich colors and fascinating detail of the Murano glass. It is sure to stand out on any bracelet.

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