Celtic Trinity Pot of Gold Bead

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This clever and cheerful pot of gold is an essential Celtic piece. Made of sterling silver and plated gold, this charm from our Tara’s Diary collection emits a quirky and carefree air. The black lettering on the side reads “pot of gold,” wishing you the luck of the Irish with every step.

Lucky Jewelry

This darling Celtic pot of gold holds both the symbolism of the pot as well as the trinity knot. The pile of gold is meant to bring good luck wherever it shines, while the trinity knot represents love, loyalty and friendship. Feelings of loneliness and emptiness are pushed away with the Celtic spirit encased in all of Tara’s Diary pieces.

Wearing Culture

The delicious gold plating and silver pot is the perfect addition to any of Tara’s Diary collection necklaces. The perfect combination of each handcrafted jewelry piece will be the excellent addition to any Celtic outfit. For St. Patrick’s Day or any other day, let this fun and exciting pot of gold bring you luck, love and happiness.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight:  1.9 grams

Width:  10 mm

Height:  10 mm

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