Tara's Diary 8.5 Bracelet

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A myriad of charming combinations exists to decorate this 8.5-inch Tara’s Diary starter bracelet. Made of sterling silver, the bracelet serves as a strong base for any woman’s wearable life story, and comes in three different lengths to fit wrists of all sizes. The head of the clasp is a bead of intricate design itself, featuring tiny Trinity knots and leafwork.

The First Signs of Identity

A long, long time ago, the pharaohs of Egypt wore elaborate jewelry so that once they left temporal earth through death, the gods of the afterlife would be able to identify them and bring them to the right ancestors and communities in the world beyond. These adornments, in the form of valuable stones and metals, constituted the earliest versions of charms. Though charm bracelets have never truly disappeared from the fashion frontier, a recent surge in their popularity suggests that the art of crafting beads in all shapes, materials, colors, sizes, and price ranges will continue to dominate modern culture.

An Irish Twist on the Wrist

Tara’s Diary gives contemporary charm bracelets a boost of Irish enthusiasm. As a woman honors unforgettable milestones, people, and passions in her life, she can also celebrate her family’s heritage. Beads enhanced with shamrocks, Trinity knots, Claddagh symbols, and rich hues of green announce the wearer’s affinity for the culture of Ireland, as well as the country’s fidelity to the revolutionary icons of its past.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight:  14.8 grams

Length:  8.5 inches

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