Green Enamel Silver Shamrock Drop Bead

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This modern Green Enamel Silver Shamrock Dangle Drop bead originates from our acclaimed Tara’s Diary Collection. The sterling silver bead has been delicately imprinted with St. Patrick’s favored symbol of the shamrock. The bead itself extends into a three-dimensional shape, with a silver shamrock, glistening with a blue stone in its center.

Celtic History

St. Patrick was fond of the shamrock’s shape and often used it in his sermons to represent spirituality in a concrete fashion. The three equal leaves of the exquisitely green plant represented the perfectly equal power of the Christian trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost. This retro take on the shamrock eloquently shows how an abstract idea can materialize into an existent art and love.

Handmade Quality

The clever design from the one dimensional shamrock dangling into a real shape demonstrates the attention given to pieces by Shanore’s jewellery makers. Each and every curve in this exquisite bead was created in the mind and produced with human hands. Pairing well with other artistic Tara’s Diary beads, this piece can also be a stand alone beauty.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight:  1.7 grams

Width:  10.5 mm

Height:  26 mm

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