Silver Shamrock Green Enamel Bead

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This gorgeous silver bead from our Tara's Diary collection is encircled in shamrocks. Shamrocks were used by Saint Patrick as a metaphor to the Christian trinity, as the legend says. He used the shamrock during sermons to link the earth to faith. The festive green of the print is sure to catch the attention of any Celtic brethren.

The Process of Perfection

Tara’s Diary commits extreme detail and time to each of its collection pieces. The handmade sterling silver bead is covered in an elegant white enamel, where upon the Celtic green shamrocks are delicately added to bring the iconic color to life. It is the fantastic match to other Celtic pieces.

Matching with Style

The shimmering silver bead is the perfect match for any of Tara Diary’s pink or purple necklets. The holiday print of the staple Celtic shamrock is perfect for any Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. But the fun and subtle green leaves can be worn year round on necklaces and bracelets swinging side by side to give any outfit that special kick of spirit.

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