Gold Plate Trinity Knot Silver Bead

  • Brand: Shanore
  • Product Code: TD74
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This gold plated Trinity knot silver bead is a classic piece from our Tara's Diary Collection. The simplistic sterling silver has been welded into three equal shapes that smoothly come into and out of each other in perfect sequence. There is a crisp and clever color contrast between the silver of the actual bead and its gold plated design top.

Symbolism in Jewellery

Celtic culture is famous for its dearly held iconic symbols. Arguably one of the most important is the trinity knot symbol, seen here. The never-ending loops of three are meant to represent the pure nature of the Christian Trinity. To show the equal importance of God the father, the Son and the Holy ghost, the three ovals are exactly the same size. This thoughtful design is what sets Shanore's jewellery apart from others.

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