Celtic Diamond Set Trinity Knot Dangle Bead

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  • Product Code: TD127
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There are some symbols which are so indicative of Ireland that any bracelet would be incomplete without them. The symbol of the Claddagh ring is one. The shamrock is another. But the three sided Celtic Knot is certainly an essential part to any Irish charm collection. This charm from the Tara Diary Collection is crafted of sterling silver and set with a sparkling diamond for extra flash and charm. The Celtic knot dangles down from the textured base and is sure to delight with its elegant symbolism. A Triumvirate of Love Celtic knots have long been a tradition in Irish culture. The interweaving, never ending strands indicative of the interlocking nature of life, death, the universe and, in the three cornered knot especially, love. Originally, the three points of the Celtic Knot represented the three aspects of the Holy Trinity, but today it also represents true love of any kind. A Longstanding Tradition No charm bracelet is complete without some sort of Celtic Knot. This bead in particular will delight with the freedom of movement and the extra sparkle of diamond.

Material:  Sterling Silver

Weight: 1.2 grams

Width:  9 mm

Height:  22 mm

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