Hapenny Bridge Bead

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From the charming Tara's Diary collection comes this amazingly unique and enchanting bead. How often do you see beads featuring famous saints, flowers, or traditional Irish motifs. How often do you see one featuring the most famous bridge in all of Dublin. Crafted of sterling silver, this clever bead depicts the graceful arch of the Ha'penny Bridge. Yellow enamel depicts the warm glow of the gas lamps seen during its creation.

History of the Ha'penny Bridge

Spanning the River Liffey in Dublin, the Ha'penny Bridge was created when the local ferry boat captain decided to build a bridge over the river rather than repair his boats. He charged a half a penny to cross which is how this bridge received its delightful name. Of course, this bridge and toll could only survive if the citizens of Dublin found them both "unobjectionable." Luckily, they did so the bridge lives on today - attracting thousands of tourists each year.

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