Gents Celtic Cross Silver Ring

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With its broad sterling silver band and expertly carved Celtic Cross center design, this Gents Celtic Cross Silver Ring provides a touch of symbolism without sacrificing style.

Four Elements

The four-sided Celtic Cross has represented many things throughout history. Many refer to the four sides as pointing towards the elements of earth, fire, wind and water, which give life to all living things, while others state it stands for mind, soul, body and spirit, of which a man is made of. Regardless of the meaning you choose to instill upon the cross, the Celtic Cross is a symbol of Celtic culture and the quest for understanding and living a balanced life. 

Celebration of Heritage

Ideal for the gentleman who wishes to make known his Celtic heritage in an understated yet powerful way, this Celtic Cross ring allows him to do just that. A similar ring is available in Ladies sizes as well, allowing one to build upon the unique bond that is represented in the meaning of the Trinity Knots (Love, Honor, Protect) within the ring. 

METAL: Sterling Silver

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