Silver Tree of LIfe Trinity Medallion Necklace

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Make others take notice with this Silver Tree of Life Trinity Medallion Pendant (Large Size), which is the ultimate statement accessory. The Celtic Tree of Life, with Trinity knot embellishment is prominently featured in charming sterling silver on this circle pendant.

Heavenly Link

The branches of the Tree of Life, the most sacred tree in Druid belief, are always shown to be reaching out, spreading across the sky and reaching down to connect with the expansive roots of the tree. This implied that the tree linked heaven and earth, and combined the forces of nature. Trees were considered to be the ancestors of man, and were looked upon with immense spiritual significance. This ancestral link provided guidance and protection to the villages, making them an important part of daily life.


Metal: Sterling Silver

Weight: 9.7 grams

Width: 36mm

Height: 38mm

Chain: 24" Sterling Silver Spiga, Lobster Catch

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