Tara's Diary

With Tara's Diary beads, you can express yourself in fashionable new ways to create your own unique and personal looks. You can celebrate your favourite Irish things from music and dance, to pints of stout or showcase your beliefs with beads such as St. Patrick, Celtic crosses and angels. Please ensure your bracelet has a loose fitting when choosing it.  

REMEMBER:  It has to be loose enough to take a full row of charms.  We recommend that you try it on prior to purchase.

AS A GUIDE:  When a bracelet (minus extra charms) is fitted, it should be loose enough to easily allow you to put your finger between the bracelet and your wrist.

TO CLEAN:  use a solution of lukewarm soapy water.  With a soft tooth brush gently brush the bracelet and the charms with the solution and rinse in clean water before drying with a lint free cloth.  To remove caked on dirt, first immerse the item in lukewarm soap water for a few minutes before brushing, rinsing and drying (as above).

WARNING:  DO NOT USE CLEANING AGENTS OR EXPOSE TO CHEMICALS.   To maintain that just-bought look, avoid the use of cleaning agents and any chemicals.  Oxidised silver, glass etc. can be easily tarnished or even irreparably damaged if not treated gently. 

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